Posies and Baskets 

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  • A classic selection including large-headed roses, freesias, lisianthus and spray chrysanthemums presented in a posy design.Please Note:The image relates to the standard variant. Approximate Product Dimensions:15 Stems - StandardHeight: 20cm, Width: 30cm20 Stems - LargeHeight: 25cm, Width: 35cm25 Stems - Extra LargeHeight: 25cm, Width: 40cm

  • Roses and scented freesia are nestled amongst choice foliage in this classic posy design.Please Note:The image relates to the standard variant. Approximate Product Dimensions:21 Stems - SmallHeight: 20cm, Width: 30cm32 Stems - MediumHeight: 20cm, Width: 40cm43 Stems - LargeHeight: 20cm, Width: 50cm

  • A beautiful scented posy including scented freesias, roses and september flower in either soft lilac and white or soft pink and white. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 20cmWidth: 30cm22 Stems

  • A beautiful arrangement of pure white tulips to create this simple, elegant posy.Please note:Tulips may have limited availability at certain times of the year. Approximate Product Dimensions:Length: 70cmWidth: 62cm

  • A traditional trug basket filled with roses, veronica, statice and scented freesias in pinks and lilacs.Please Note:The image relates to the large variant. Approximate Product Dimensions:11 Stems - StandardLength: 30cm, Width: 20cm15 Stems - LargeLength: 35cm, Width: 20cm19 Stems - Extra LargeLength: 45cm, Width: 20cm

  • A traditional trug basket filled with roses, scented freesia, craspedia, spray carnations and ornithogalum in white and yellow arranged in a sheaf-like design.Please Note:The image relates to the large variant. Approximate Product Dimensions:16 Stems - StandardLength: 65cm, Width: 20cm19 Stems - LargeLength: 72cm, Width: 22cm23 Stems - Extra LargeLength:...

  • A classic posy design created using a mass of white double spray chrysanthemums and completed with a spray of roses, French ruscus and hypericum berries. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 15cmWidth: 30cm19 Stems - Red and White Posy16 Stems - Pink and White Posy

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Posies and Baskets

Funeral Flowers Posies and Baskets

The florists at Edinburgh flowers have over forty years of experience in the floristry industry under their belts which sadly also means that they have catered for countless funeral ceremonies. The florists are able to apply all of their expertise to your orders of posies and baskets or any other sort of arrangement so with Edinburgh flowers you can be rest assured in the knowledge that you won’t receive anything short of perfection. The flowers the Edinburgh florists work with have all been imported all the away from Holland. Holland is the western region of the Netherlands renowned for the premium quality of flowers cultivated there which means that the customers of Edinburgh flowers also receive premium quality flowers. Combined with up to for deliveries per week from said Dutch cultivators, the flowers aren’t simply of the best quality but they are also the freshest with a high longevity meaning that your recipient will be able to have these flowers for many days to come. Posies and baskets are lovely little arrangements which will help you convey your condolences to the bereaved family and friends of the recently deceased. The Edinburgh florists are able to work with a huge variety of flowers thanks to the Dutch cultivators who supply the shop with a heaving variety of flowers. These flowers include the likes of traditional roses in different colours; fragrant freesias; lovely tulips; exotic lisianthus; lovely chrysanthemums and carnations as well as many others. These lovely designs are expertly weaved together by the Edinburgh florists who create perfectly rounded basket arrangements by using just the right amount of flowers, foliage and filler flowers. Edinburgh flowers want nothing more other than to provide you with flower arrangements that are of the best possible quality which is why we try to do everything we possibly can for you.

Posies and Baskets Funeral Flowers

Up on the Edinburgh flowers website, you can browse through the lovely posies and baskets selection we have on offer to see if anything is fully to your liking. Do not worry if there’s nothing that quite catches your eye as Edinburgh flowers offers all customers the bespoke service. The bespoke service allows you to either tweak elements of an already existing posy or basket arrangement or alternatively, you are able to work in collaboration with one of the Edinburgh florists to arrange something that is fully to your liking. The bespoke service allows you to specify what flowers should be used - for example, the florists can work around the favourite flower of your recipient - and what flowers should be avoided, any colour preference and whether you would like a posy or a basket. Once the Edinburgh florists have all the details they need, they will arrange something that reflects all of your ideas. Hopefully the bespoke service makes you recipient feel that extra bit special and thought of as they will see you have created or selected an arrangement that is to their tastes. To further personalise your order, you are also able to attach personalised card messages to your flowers which the Edinburgh florists will write out neatly for you and place in the flowers. For any further queries in regard to the bespoke service, any of our other services or if you would like to book a consultation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Edinburgh flowers. You are able to get in contact either by email or by phone as there is always a member of the Edinburgh Flowers team ready to answer any and all of your questions.