Useful Information About Flowers And Florists In Edinburgh

Published : 09/01/2015 14:11:35
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Useful Information About Flowers And Florists In Edinburgh

If you truly love flowers, Edinburgh - the capital city of Scotland is definitely a perfect place for you. This is because the Royal Botanic Gardens is in Edinburgh and you will even find Rose Street which was named after wild roses. Royal Botanic Gardens offers a variety of flowers and plants from all over the world. Besides, Edinburgh usually hosts numerous flower events in different times of the year.

Guide to flower care for Valentine’s Day and Spring Season

Flowers at times take even 24 hours to attain their full potential. It is important to take good care of the flowers once you receive them to ensure that their beauty lasts a little longer. You may find flowers with tight buds that open up with time as long as they are placed well. If you opt to put them in a vase, take out excess leaves and foliage right below you vase’s waterline. This greatly helps to reduce amount of bacteria in the water. First thing to do when you receive flowers is to trim them so that even when placed in water the stem can take in water well and your flower remains fresh. You only need to cut 2 cm from the base at an angle of 45 degrees to provide a proper surface area. You should never attempt to smash your flower’s stem or even make any piercing to ensure that the flowers absorb water quite well. Place the flowers away from a ripening fruit so that they will be damaged as a result of ethylene gas released by the fruit.

How to store flowers in the vase or container

Whether the flowers are for Valentine’s Day, birthday, burial or for any season of the year flowers must be well stored lest they lose their beauty. Ensure that your container is clean and place fresh lukewarm water only so that flowers are able to absorb water well. The flowers normally come with a sachet containing flower food that has to be added into the water. It is advisable to maintain temperatures of around 18-22 degrees Celsius as most flowers survive in such conditions.

Once you follow all the required instructions above you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers from florists Edinburgh for longer. One of the most important things to remember before making your order at the florist is the occasion then other factors like price come in. Take for instance red roses are mostly preferred for Valentines though you can opt to be unique.

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