Four Seasons - Guide to Flower Care

Your flowers may take up to 24 hours to reach their full potential. This is because certain flowers within your arrangement may have tight buds which will open up with time with the right conditions. It is best to take all the excess foliage and leaves from below the waterline of your intended vase. This is to reduce the bacteria in the water which can affect the ability of your flowers to drink the water.

Gerberas, in particular, can be adversely affected by excess bacteria in the water. It is best advised to trim your flowers on arrival. This is to ensure that if the stem is not taking up water that the dried stem is cut off to allow the water to be taken up.  Cut off approximately 2 cm from the base of the flowers and foliage this will ensure that your flowers do not dry out. Cutting at a 45-degree angle is best as this gives a good surface area for the flower stem to drink the water. A larger surface area will ensure you give your flowers the best possible change to stay fresh. It is best not to smash the stems of your flowers or pierce as this can damage the water vessels in the stem and hamper the absorption of the water. 


Once you have prepared your flowers it is time to display them in an attractive vase. Make sure that your container is clean and filled with fresh lukewarm water. Avoid water which is too warm or cold as this will restrict the flowers uptake of the water. Around 18 - 22 c is perfect. Remember to add the sachet of flower food that is provided with your flowers and fill up your container with water just below the foliage of the stems.

Most flowers prefer temperatures of around 18 - 22 Celsius. This will ensure that your flowers will not wilt or become damaged by cool temperatures. It is very important not to place your flowers in direct sunlight or near radiators as this will dehydrate the flowers and cause wilting. To keep your flowers fresh for longer then avoid sunlight.  Remember to keep your flowers away from ripening fruit. The fruit will release small amounts of ethylene gas that can prematurely age your floral display.  

Tips on how to care for your flowers:

  • Buying flowers which have tight buds will last longer
  • Remove dead flowers as this will prevent bacteria getting into the water
  • It is best not to put Tulips and Daffodils in the same vase.  
  • If you don't have flower food then a tiny drop of bleach in the water can prevent bacterial build up.
  • Keep the water fresh. Top up with fresh lukewarm water.   

For any other advice phone our florists who relay your flower order to local Interflora Edinburgh florists. We are trained florists and will be able to answer any of your queries and help with whatever you might need.